About Danielle

A91Q2652-2-2I feel that everything I’ve done in life has led me to opening my own placement agency matching executive nannies with families in the Vancouver area. I have always been involved in childcare—from being an avid babysitter to mentoring through Big Brothers Big Sisters, from serving as a personal assistant to actors on location with their children to amassing extensive first-hand experience as an executive nanny. Along the way, I took courses in child and adolescent development and learned even more from my daily experiences with families.But what really drove me to open Danielle’s Placement Agency is my talent for matchmaking—in this case, matching the ideal nanny with just the right family! My goal is to build happy, long-term relationships. I want to foster the kind of bond between family and nanny that I myself enjoyed.




At an early age I knew I wanted to work with children. After years of babysitting and working in a preschool, being a nanny was a natural fit. I travelled the USA, Canada and Europe as a touring nanny for music artists such as Sarah McLachlan, Diana Krall and Elvis Costello. After working with some amazing families, I had a desire to reach out and help match children with their perfect nanny. Pairing with Danielle was an easy fit as we are family and both understand the nature of the business.

Now that I am a mother, I am able to understand parenting and nannying on a different level. This new perspective puts me in a unique situation to make the best matches. I know that leaving your child(ren) with a caregiver is not easy. It is my job to ease this process and take the worry out of childcare. I truly delight in building new relationships, providing continuous support and working as a team with each family to find that perfect fit.




I migrated to Canada in 2003 to work as a live-in nanny to three children whose parents worked in the film industry. In our four yearpartnership we were based in Canada, US, India, Hong Kong and the UK. I then worked for a high profile musician family and toured with their infants twins throughout Europe and North America for two years. For the past eight years I have been based in Vancouver and working exclusively for anotherfilm industry family.

Having worked as an executive nanny for over 15 years, I am very familiar with the demands of family life and hectic work schedules. I enjoy being involved in creating an enriching home life and working with parents to developeach child’s unique qualities. Since becoming a mother in 2014, I have gained a greater understanding of what it means to open your house to others and entrust them with your greatest treasure. I am aware of the importance of supporting parenting philosophies and providing continuity for children. Both my exposure to these different philosophies and my own experiences as a mother have allowed me to deepen my understanding of children and family needs.


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